Hi there, I’m Heather Fischer (aka Tiny Fisch), creator of Made to Live.

Welcome to the space where I capture my coming of age stories as they happen.

I believe you and I were created for a specific purpose by God that drives the unique passions within us.

Life, as I view it, is a journey of chasing that purpose against all odds; pushing ourselves to be refined and strengthened through every high and low, and choosing to fight and to flourish rather than to wither.

Mixed in with my story telling, sarcasm, and confessions of Big Fisch’s sleepwalking adventures, you will find this theme of processing life weaved throughout.

Want to know more? You can contact me at ­­­­­heather@madetolive.org.


Where are you from?

I was born in the west, raised in the southeast, and have slowly migrated more and more north. (Hence the reference to “tales of a displaced Fisch.”) Big Fisch is currently a student at Harvard Business School (class of 2017), which has us “cozily” residing in Boston, MA and keeps me “cozily” sipping from the bottle.

Where does the name Tiny Fisch come from?

My husband has many nicknames for me – one of which is Tiny. Biggs was his name in return, so at the creation of MTL, Tiny Fisch and Big Fisch became our pen names, and “Tales of Two Fischers” was born.

Are Big Fisch’s sleepwalking stories really true?

Yes, yes and yes.

Can I email you with questions and comments?

Absolutely! I love hearing from readers who are friendly and well intended.

Do you take on freelance writing projects?

Yes, depending on the project and my capacity at the time. Email me with inquiries!