Boston Eats


Last week, my life long bestie left the warmth of Savannah and flew up for a visit.

Julie and I had two main objectives: talk a lot; eat a lot.

Those were also pretty much our favorite things to do when we were 6. Some things never change.

Boston has a lot to offer, even for a “small city”, and many incredible restaurants. So when I had the chance to venture out with Julie for a mini vacation, I tried to squeeze as much in as possible. Whether you’re local or just in the area visiting, here’s a few favorite spots we tried that I’d highly recommend:


I’m quickly learning that the restaurants around Little Italy in the North End do not disappoint.  We were on a quest for a good, buttery lobster roll and stumbled into Pauli’s when the wait at Neptune’s Oyster next door was too long. But man oh man were we glad we did. We ordered the hot lobster roll and the lobster grilled cheese. Both were good, but the lobster roll was to die for. Hot and buttery on fresh bread, it hit the spot. The grilled cheese was a bit heavy, but if you’re a fan of the traditional American kid sandwich, it’s a fun one to try.

lobster roll


Modern Pastry Shop

Known as a favorite sweet spot for locals, we knew we had to give Modern Pastry a try. We drooled over all of the pastries behind the counter and finally settled on the Lobster Tail (as it was recommend to us) and the homemade Hostess Cupcake because heck, it was so cute. Out of the two, the lobster tail was our favorite. A light, flaky pastry stuffed full with a whipped cream, ricotta, vanilla custard filling, it was like a cream puff on steriods. Oh, and their coffee? Amazing.

modern bakery


hostess at modern cafe

modern bakery with coffee


The Salty Pig

If you’re in the mood for a casual but unique dinning experience, then Salty Pig is your place. We tried The Salty Pig Sandwich (Salty Pig Parts, Caciocavallo Vidalia Onion-Chili Relish) and the Pizza Toscona (SP Fennel Sausage, Escarole, Mozzarella, Calabrian Chili) from the lunch menu. Both were oh so good with just the right amount of saltiness, but the pizza took home first place.

salty pig sandwich

The salty pig


The Sinclair

Let me start by saying that I am not a burger girl. Most days I’d prefer a hot dog, hands down. But this burger… “Oh my heavens”, as Julie says.

A waitress from another restaurant recommended we head to Sinclairs for the best burger in Harvard Square. I was skeptical and honestly wasn’t expecting a bar/music club to whip out stellar food. But proven wrong was I.

We started with the deviled eggs with bacon and habanero. Need I say more? I think our waiter was actually taken aback at how quickly we ate them.

Don’t judge us; we walked all day, alright?

deviled eggs


For our main entree, we shared the burger (there’s only one on the menu) and the house-made cavatelli pasta with braised lamb shank. It was absolutely the best life decision.


Are you drooling yet?

For dessert, our waiter recommended the fresh berries and cream. But because we were on a diet, we went for the donut holes and salted caramel brownie sundae with candied hazelnuts.

donut holes sinclair


Obviously it was the right choice.


Boston Public Market

I couldn’t let Julie leave without introducing her to apple cider donuts. I knew they’d hit it off.

So we braved the pouring down rain and made our way to the Boston Public Market for warm donuts and coffee.


To continue on with our clean eating, we stopped at the second donut vendor as well. It would have been totally rude of us not to. We tried their brown sugar bourbon glazed donut and apple crisp donut.

Hashtag “nom-stash”, as Big Fisch and I say. It’s a Matt-ism; don’t try to make sense of it.


They were all so good, but nothing beats a fresh apple cider donut in my opinion.

And there you have it! A few of my favorite local eats so far. What are some of your favorites?

Over and out,

Tiny Fisch