Observations of small-space, HBS living


We’re about two weeks into Harvard Business School life, and about one week into life at Harvard Business school.

Big Fisch and I moved into an apartment on campus for the convenient location to his classes and the glamour of feeling like college students again.

That last part was sarcastic, in case you missed it, but I do have to say that the short walk to the gym has been nice.

(Don’t make me work out before I work out, you feel me?)

So far, I’ve been most intrigued by the trash chute and the eerie halls that smell constantly like play-dough. Trash just seems to disappear magically down the small pipe with one simple push, and every time I walk down the hall I feel like I’m walking through the Sesame Street Alphaquest hallway, wondering what is behind the mystery doors.  You remember the song, right?

“I’ve got to ABC decide, where’s the door I haven’t tried?” Watch this if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I just. want. to open. ALL OF THEM.

Not socially acceptable, however. So I refrain.

Needless to say, transitioning to a new way of life takes some time, and there’s inevitable kinks to work out along the way.

Take for example, how I no longer need to buy 32 rolls of toilet paper from Costco at once, unless I want to build myself a throne with the extra rolls, to sit on while I work.

There’s simply no place to store it all and it’s just not practical. But can we agree that running out of toilet paper when you need it is the worst?

Also, it is physically impossible for Big Fisch and I to stand/walk around in the same room at the same time, other than the family room. I’m talking kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. And if we keep trying, I’m not sure our marriage will survive it.

Yet somehow…Big Fisch has no problem sprinting from his side of the bed, out to the living room in the middle of the night when he is sleep walking and dreaming that someone is hiding in our place, determined to make him late for class.

Which, by the way, is now his most common, half-asleep, anxious thought.

Sitting up suddenly, “WHAT TIME IS IT?”

“It’s 3AM…you’re fine. Go back to sleep…”


How someone goes from panicking to snoring in less than 30 seconds is beyond me. But Big Fisch is a Fisch of many mysteries.

There is less than a foot of walking space between the bed and the furniture, yet he swiftly weasels his way through without banging up a hip, knee, or shin.

I can’t even do that during the day; I have about 5 bruises to prove it.

Another new discovery to me, is the wide exposure my co-workers now have to my life when engaging in a video conference. And I do literally mean wide exposure.

Luckily for me, I have awesome co-workers, and I’m not afraid to share my life with them. However…when you live in a small space and your work desk takes up half of one wall, and your webcam is wide screen HD, tidying up your background better be taken to a whole new level. Otherwise, it will tell all.

webcam pic

You get me.

Pains of small space living aside, life here in the north so far has been great overall (possibly because I’m not yet frozen…). I find humor in the details and enjoy sharing them because well, I do love a good story.

In addition to a heavy study load for Big Fisch, is a jam-packed social load. How do all these students have time to both study and party?

Ah, yet another equation these fun nerds love to solve ;-).

Here’s some snapshots of recent HBS events:

Field Day

field day 1

field day 2

field day 3
field day 4

Casino night:

casino night 1

casino night 2

Great Gatsby at the Royale Nightclub:

great  gatsby 3

great gatsby 1

great gatsby2

Until next time,

– Tiny Fisch

(P.S. – I got nothing but love for all you “fun nerds”. After all, I married one 😉

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