Wicked Ahwesome. Day 1 in Boston


It’s been less than 24 hours in Yankee town, and I think we’re doing alright at acclimating to “wicked ahwesome” city life.

I ate brunch in a pub at the bar next to a smoker puffing on his cigarette and ordered a cup of coffee in hopes that the server would repeat it back to me in a Bostonian accent.

“Would ya like cweam in ya cahffee?”

I would have fit in well here when I was 6 and couldn’t say my “Rs” properly.

Our temporary housing for the week is a small apartment above a tiny foot salon (is that even a thing?). Complete with a door buzzer, two flights of stairs, no central AC, and a Belgium waffle shop next door, it feels like the real deal.

But what do I know? I’m just a poser at this point.

Cambridge is beautiful. Old and historic, it leaves you in awe as you look around  and realize how many influential men and women have studied here…lived here. Presidents, leaders, world changers, Elle Woods. It’s incredible.

I think my IQ rises slightly each time I breathe in the air.

We feel really blessed to be here yet at the same time keep thinking what are we doing?

Neither of us really know the answer to that question. All we know is that we should be here.

It was a strange feeling opening my eyes this morning, glancing out at the old church across the street, and thinking…this is my city now. This will become home.

That will take some time to sink in.

On our trek on up here yesterday, Big Fisch and I bounced along the highway realizing “home” was now what occupied our 15 ft truck. We had each other, our favorite chips, our basic living items, and an extra water bottle for Big Fisch to pee in, in case of bladder emergency.

Which he used.

My apologizes to whoever’s lawn I dumped it out on…

But despite many detours, physical exhaustion, and piss in a bottle, we made it up here in one piece (well…we’ll find that out for sure when we unload the truck).

And so it has begun.

Delaware – we miss ya already. Thank you for all that you taught us about life. You grew us up in many ways, welcoming us as young 22 year old newly weds, and have treated us oh so well. You accepted us, loved us, extended grace to us, and supported us. My heart broke in two as we drove away (literally cried my way out of the state of Delaware), knowing that as exciting as this new journey will be, we had just closed the door on this past chapter, and life would never be the same.

And that’s an okay thing, and probably a good thing. But it’s still hard. And I’m learning to be okay admitting it without diminishing it.

So, I’m throwing on some extra layers, pulling out my walking shoes (let’s be honest, I don’t own those yet), and following this next path knowing that growing pains don’t last forever. And life here? I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a ton of fun.



From my new found writing corner, over and out!

– Tiny Fisch