Kill the Comps.


There’s this girl I see every now and then at the gym on the nights our routines cross paths.

She’s tall with perfect looking legs. Tan like she just stepped off the beach. Blonde like Barbie. And looks obnoxiously  pretty with very little makeup on.

I call her “hot  girl”. Very clever of me.

When she walks by, she turns every head she passes….including mine. (Don’t worry, this story isn’t going anywhere too weird).

On top of it all, she actually kicks butt in the gym with her tough work outs, so I can’t even hate on her for being a pansy.

Big Fisch laughs at me for observing hot girl, like a creeper. And it’s true. I do.

I am not afraid to admit my creeper status.

How can you not notice someone who seems so…perfect?

The more pristine her life appears, the larger my imperfections and (sweat marks) feel, and before I know it, my mind takes me to this crazy place where I assume everything in her life is just dandy and she skips around in a land of sugar plums and chocolate rivers. Chocolate rivers she’s allowed to swim in and drink from. And this river is actually made with whole milk, but some how this bitty doesn’t ever get fat.

Riddle me that!

(I should probably never watch Willie Wonka again.)

But then some bro bumps into my side while loading the weight rack next to me and I’m snapped back to reality. And I take a look in the mirror and think to myself “Woah baby girl…kill the comps.”

“Baby girl” is how I refer to myself in my mind. And “kill the comps”?

It’s the phrase I use to remind myself to simply, kill the comparisons.

Comps are everywhere we turn. You just can’t hide from them. It’s a lesson we face not once, but continually.

Someone else’s work will always appear to pay off quicker than yours.

Someone will always appear to receive what (at least in your mind) they don’t deserve.

Others will seem to experience less pain in life than you.

Others will seem to have it all handed to them.

Be happier. Have less struggle. Get what they want.

Money, beauty, fertility, relationships, success, health, happiness. You fill in the blanks of the areas in your life where comparison rears it’s ugly head.

As much as I try to fight it, sometimes comparison gets the best of me. I don’t always win the mental war because heck, I’m human and I’m sinful. Often I want what I don’t have, and occasionally feel so very small in light of others.

But the more people I get to know in life, the more I realize this simple truth: we all have problems.

We all struggle. No one has it all together. You won’t meet a single cheerful face that hasn’t walked through pain and trials of some kind.

Not that the pain of others should serve as our condolence, but often we need to remind ourselves that we never know what others are facing, no matter how perfect their smile appears. That grass over there ain’t ever as green as it first appears.


So why allow comparison to suck so much of our energy from us, and take so much of our mental space?

I want that mental space back, dang it.

So I try to remind myself: kill the comps, before the comps kill you.

Comparison can rob us of so much joy and growth. Let’s not let it.

Great wisdom is needed when it comes to where we allow our thoughts to wander and our eyes to peruse. Guarding our minds is the best thing we can do to prevent discontent and unproductive-ness from taking root in our life, choking out our uniqueness, creativity, and happiness.

Why give comps power over us? Life is too short for that.

If “hot girl” has a chocolate river, I won’t try to crash that party. Dairy doesn’t even wear well on me these days.

So do your thing, hot girl. Do. your. thang.