Humble Pie.


You know those days when something encouraging, exciting, or great occurs and you get a sudden boost of confidence?

Good news of sorts is given to you, and you get that extra spring in your step.

That happened to me the other day at work.

I had a good conversation that got me excited, passionate, and feeling a little on top of the world. I left this particular meeting and headed to my second one, ready to conquer my next challenge and show others what I was made of.

Opposition?  Pff! I had no time for that. Uncertainties? Not welcomed here.

I almost felt like my hair was blowing beautifully in the wind as I walked along, like a Pantene Pro-V commercial.

My second meeting began and ended and it felt like another success. I wore a big smile and confident eye contact, and left with a greater feeling of direction. Something I was in great need of as of late.

A small fire had been lit under my ass and I wasn’t about to let it burn out. Sadly I would soon wish that someone had in fact turned down the heat.

Alright world, things are going to be okay! I can do this. The sun is shinning and I believe in myself. I can –

Wait. What is that?

As I reached for my car door I saw my reflection in the window.

My eyes were immediately  drawn to the dark blazer I was wearing and the even darker circles under my arms.

Are those…is that? Oh my god!

I looked down in slow horror to find giant circles of sweat growing around my armpits by the second, far too visible to the eye.

Suddenly paranoid that others were watching me, I jumped in my car and cursed myself for not paying extra for tinted windows.

How could this have happened in the past two hours? I thought I was calm and collected!

It was hot. The cap sleeve blazer sat high right under my arms, prime location for those evil nervous, over-active sweat glands to attack, and the color of the fabric was just light enough to show it all.

Great! I’d been rambling on in my meetings, talking with my hands as I always do, most likely exposing others to this repulsive sight. There I was, feeling professional and confident with no idea that I resembled a teenage boy whose testosterone levels were all out of whack.

And God only knows what I smelt like. The poor man who had to sit next to me…no wonder he made such little eye contact. I wanted to run back inside and yell “I promise I shower and use deodorant AND use perfume!”

I slumped over my steering wheel and buried my head. If I’d had a tail, I woulda tucked it between my legs.

Why?! Why can’t I have it together inside and outside for ONE day?

Just when my confidence was peeking, a big hand came down and WHACK! It smacked that sucker right back down to where it belonged.

I probably also had something in my teeth and a zit on my nose, but I was too afraid to look in the mirror.

I guess we need those little (big) slices of humble pie sometimes. Not that confidence is a bad thing, or that good days aren’t needed, but the truth is, no matter how much I’d like to deny it, I never have it all together. So there’s really no use in fooling myself.

But really though…can I be a girl for like 2 seconds and have pie stains instead of sweat stains? Lord have mercy.

I didn't have it together back then either.

Humble pie was served at a young age.

Recipe for Humble Pie:

– 1/2 cup aspirations

– 1/2 cup favorite fillings

– A dash of confidence

– 2 cups reality check