Juggling Act


Big Fisch and I occasionally take a pre-workout energizer before we hit the gym.

If you were listening to me talk right now, you’d hear sarcasm dripping off of “occasionally.”

Now now there… a little caffeine has never killed anyone, so just relax.

Actually it has, but that’s not the point.

Anyway, sometimes energizers can make you feel a tad bit over confident. It’s a great thing when you decide to attack the elliptical, but not so much when you stare down the balance training ball that’s just asking for you to show it who’s boss.

I decided to try it the other day thinking how hard can it really be?

Half moon side down, I grabbed some dumb bells for bicep curls and stepped on the flat plastic top as I engaged my core to keep my balance. I had it going for a little while until my arms started fatiguing. All of a sudden holding myself steady and centered wasn’t so easy. Sweat trickled down my forehead and back as my arms and legs started to give out.

Knowing it was about to end poorly for both my dignity and those around me, I hopped off awkwardly.

I strutted away thinking Yep..just warming up ya know. Half Moon Ball, we’ll be meeting again soon. Preferably when there’s less people in the gym…

Real life can feel so much like those balance training balls at times. All the things we’re supposed to be, supposed to do, and supposed to work towards can feel like one giant balancing act.

Serve the Lord. Love others. Work hard. Pursue your dreams. Be a good friend. Be a good spouse. Be healthy. Learn. Never give up.

It can start to feel like one heavy load that becomes impossible to juggle perfectly.

At some point, something gets dropped. Or we get side tracked. Or we lose perspective. And the process of finding your balance again, is not always so easy…at least for me.

I can start to feel lost, tired, overwhelmed, discouraged, crazy, and quite frankly…like a failure.


And sometimes, we have failed a bit.

But then we have to look ourselves in the mirror and ask, who is asking us to do it perfectly?

Usually just ourselves, in moments of overconfidence.

As I’m trying  to figure this life thing out, I’m thankful for a God who is full of grace and for family and close friends who have patience with me when I drop – or in my case – fall off the ball.

Trying our best is attainable. Perfection, is not.