Some days the struggle is just real.

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I’ve always loved anchors.

I’m not completely sure why, but the older I get the more sense it starts to make.

I think it began with my mom’s tendency to dress me in nautical outfits as a baby, and grew into my love for all nautical accessories. Shallow reasons, yes I know.

But it also has something to do with what it symbolizes.

Anchors, to me, are a visual of the concept of being grounded.

I was thinking about “groundation” (my made up word for the collision of our foundation and the act of being grounded) the other day, after the realization that I was struggling with this.

I was having one of those days when I cared too much what others thought. You know how it goes… Comparing myself. Questioning if I was trying hard enough. Pondering what about me wasn’t good enough.

The ever re-occurring downward spiral of thoughts.

My wishful thinking would love to say that I never wander from knowing what defines me. My pride would love to believe that I’m unshakable, overflowing with wisdom, and never in an identity crisis.

But the truth is that sometimes I look too much around me, instead of inside me, and try to measure up to the things that I see.

It’s easy to want to morph into someone we think others will approve of and desire.

What will others find interesting? What will make me seem one-of-a-kind? What makes me desirable? Will others like what I write?

So much time gets wasted fixating on whether or not someone else deems us worthy. Aim to please. Aim to impress. Aim to be the best.

Easily swept up in the game our culture plays, we come out on the other side feeling beat up as we’re never fully satisfied with that which we case. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we’re left to answer the question, what is it then that grounds me?

What will I choose?

That which is fleeting, or that which is permanent? The approval of man, or the approval of God?

On days that I seem to forget what defines me, I  have to bring myself back to my chosen groundation. I have to rein in my thoughts, rein in my motives, rein in where I go for approval, and place it back in the hands of the only One whose opinion truly matters. Then I’m reminded that I stand on an unshakable ground, where I’m never searching for approval. Because that approval has already been given.

seagul on boat in aruba

The thing about anchors, is that they are dropped in a safe location where the captain wants his boat to stay. He knows his chosen spot will be best for the boat, keeping it from danger and potential destruction. Currents come along and the boat rocks and begins to drift off, but the anchor holds it in place, keeping it secure despite its surroundings.

Anchors are a beautiful portrayal of that – or who – which keeps us grounded.

So what  is your groundation?

What do you do when the struggle is feeling just too dang real?


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