Big Fisch in Wonderland


The grass was soft beneath his feet as he took another swift, but light step.

He could feel the wind blowing gently against his skin, making it’s way through his hair. The cool air felt good after many miles of walking and created an odd sense of comfort, although he wasn’t sure why.

Two birds fluttered over head, darting from tree to tree as they played a game of hide-and-go-seek. Their bright red tails stood out in stark contrast to their teal bodies; he had never seen anything quite like them before.

I bet I can fly like that! 

He picked up his speed to get a running start when all of a sudden he noticed the bright grass pasture had ended and he was now trotting on a narrow dirt path.

Ouch! Two sharp pebbles dug into his feet.

The sun had set and everything around him was getting darker. There were no birds in sight; only shadows of tall tree trunks. Where was he?

“Ssssttt ssssttt sssstttt.”

He jumped at the strange sound. He looked around him but didn’t see anything until –

“Ssssttt – ” Something moved past him to the right.

He blinked his eyes faster to try to see what it was; his heart raced.

All of a sudden, out from behind a bush crawled a giant black bug with more legs than he could count and fangs that appeared ready to feast.

“HOLY BLEEP!!” He stumbled backwards, unable to get his legs to move fast enough.

The bug crawled slowly towards him, as it hissed and tapped it’s one-too-many legs on the ground.

“Sh$T! Look at this creepy bug!” His surroundings changed again but the bug was still there. Where was he?

He knew he needed to protect himself and Layla – where was Layla?!

He looked behind him and saw her laying next to him. He grabbed her arm and yelled “LAYLA! Look! It’s a creepy bug!”

Turning back towards the bug, his eyes grew larger and blinked faster. Everything was getting hazy but he knew he needed to escape.


He could hear her faint voice in the back, but couldn’t peel his eyes from the bug. He moved closer to try and swat at it, but his hand seemed to go right through it. He shivered in the cool air the ceiling fan generated.

Layla’s voice was getting louder. “Matt. Matt! There’s nothing there.”

Can’t she see it? He looked from Layla back to the bug. He lunged forward to swat at it again but the bug began melting away.

“What the?!”

He felt Layla pull on his arm. “Matt. Matt. Go back to bed.”

“Okay, but I – I just need to…to see the light.” When the sun is out, the bug goes away. I just need to bring the sun back.

Suddenly his surroundings became a tad more familiar and he knew he’d find the sun in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom!

He got up and flicked on the sun. His hazy eyes refocused and he looked towards the melting bug. But it was gone.

” – Matt. Just come back to bed.”

There sat Layla, half awake. Why was the light on?

He rubbed his eyes, turned off the light, and climbed back in bed.

Silly Layla. What was she doing up? He drifted back off to sleep and for some reason insects crossed his mind.

Man I hate bugs. Bugs and snow leopards. They’re all so creepy…

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