Top on my list.


New Years.

One of the most popular topics to blog, tweet, instagram, fb, and whatever-gram about. Social media blows up with inspiration.

And with good reason too. When we reflect and dream, we feel. And when we feel, rather it be good or bad emotion, we feel alive.

When I think over where I am, where I want to go, what I’m doing, and what I want to do, I’m quick to focus on the details.

My mind asks, how do I put together all the pieces needed to build the package I think I should be?

What do I need to learn? Where do I need more discipline? What do I need to add in? Take out?

I tend to fret that my life is not going as it should. That maybe I’m wasting time and not accomplishing all that I’m meant to.

As a result, my mind sets itself on goals that improve, grow, and develop.

And that’s not a negative thing. I believe it’s wonderful to push yourself, set concrete challenges that you actually meet, and develop character and good health. Or whatever it is for you.


I find in myself the easy entrapment of getting lost in the details, or the tasks of self-improvement, when what really needs the most attention is my heart.

The medicine I always need is more of Jesus. The most effective detox is flushing out my own ideology, and filling up with His truth.

When I’m honest with Him of my sin, my shortcomings, and my struggles, I can see perfectly my vast need for Him. And the many ways  my quest for fulfillment elsewhere makes a mess of me.

What I need the most in 2014 is total submission to Jesus. When my heart is focused on obeying His will for me, I am freed up from all the other details.

He sorts it all out. All of it. And shows me the next step as I need to see it.

I’ve got several goals for this coming year, believe me. After all, I live with a  big Fisch.

But this one is at the top.

When He isn’t my priority, I quickly become what nearby Maryland folk call a “hot mess.” And don’t nobody want that.

What’s on your list? Happy 2014!

nye heather and matt 2014– Tiny Fisch

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