Drive. And drive some more.


November as a whole was cray.

(Hi mom – “cray” is short for crazy.)

Big Fisch and I traveled literally every weekend. I’ve almost perfected the art of rolling clothes to optimize suitcase space, and wearing out car brakes faster than you can spell “STOP”.

The good news: Big Fisch would do an excellent job of  navigating I-95 in his sleep.

The bad news: Big Fisch would do an excellent job navigating I-95 in his sleep.

I should definitely look into sleep walking insurance.

The actual good news is that I got to spend time with many dear family members and friends, making new memories. Weddings, showers, holidays…lots of reasons to celebrate.

worthley cousins 2013

Worthley cousins

mom and dad thanksgiving 2013

Mom, dad, and nephew – Thanksgiving 2013


high school friends 2013

Best friends from High School

brian caley phil

Some of our best buddies: Brain, Caley, and Phil

slashies 2013

Best friends/roommates from college

All the weekend traveling left week nights as our time to catch up and simply stay afloat, so some things in our life had to be put on pause; one of which was this blog. Another which was sleeping and resting for more than 10 minutes.

Just kidding. Sort of.

Sometimes life can feel like a blur. But that’s not always a bad thing. It’s fun to actually live life and experience new things. It’s good to be stretched, because you often find your limits aren’t reached as quickly as you thought they’d be. It’s good to dream so that you open up your world to new possibilities. And sometimes, it’s good to feel utterly and completely out of control of your life. Because it’s then that we move out of the driver’s seat and allow God to navigate where He wants us to go. I’m finding that it’s never too late to admit when I’m just simply lost.

I have a feeling I’ll be eating these words in a short while.

And you can laugh at me then. What have you been up to?

You rock.

– Tiny Fisch