Project #shakeitup: Week 8


MTL  has been primarily project #shakeitup lately, as I’ve had little time to write in the evenings. So if you’ve been following along, thank you! I’ll try to get back to some more variety soon.

Last week I challenged you to:

[quote]In a small or large way, actively put someone else’s need above your own.[/quote]

With this “mission” on my mind throughout the week, I was astonished at how many opportunities I have to put someone else’s needs before mine every day…and how many times I don’t think to do it, simply because it’s not routine.

Do the dishes instead of leaving them for Big Fisch? But that’s his chore and I just cooked dinner.

Leave that better parking spot for the next person? But I got here first and this is my spot.

Listen to a friend/neighbor go on and on talking? But I have a tight schedule.

There are ways to care for others before myself all around me, and I often don’t do it.

That’s the whole purpose of this experiment though; to get us to break the routines we live in that keep us focused primarily on ourselves.

After noticing many instances where I initially didn’t put another’s need first, I would try to immediately go back and find a new way to do so.

How about you? What did you do this week to put someone else’s need first?

I’d love to hear about it. Simply leave a comment below to share.

Ready for this coming week?  Challenge 8:

Focus on nurturing a new or existing friendship this week. 


make a new friend today

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