Project #shakeitup Week 6


Some days it takes a lot of effort to wear my extroverted, out-going hat.

Many times it comes naturally, but there are days when I’m anxious and awkward.

Emphasis on awkward.

So last week’s challenge wasn’t particularly easy for me:

[quote]Have a conversation with someone you normally pass by. [/quote]

This past week I tried to intentionally introduce myself to a few people I didn’t know, as well as engage in conversation with someone I would normally choose not to, for selfish reasons.

Giving up time and genuinely focusing in on someone who you don’t have a natural desire to converse with is difficult. It just is. It often feels like a great sacrifice, even though in all reality it really isn’t much of a sacrifice at all. It’s just us being selfish.

Anyone else with me on that?

So this challenge was a good reminder to me that many things in life worth doing are not what feels comfortable. And I should probably have a lot less “comfortable” in my life; because that would mean more time is focused on others and less on myself.

Not only that, but I’m always surprised by how much I learn from others when I take the time to get to know them and hear about life through their eyes.

What about you, friends? If you are participating in project #shakeitup, how have your challenges gone?

Has it blessed you in some way? Shown you something new about yourself or others?

I’d love to hear about it. Simply leave a comment below to share.

Your challenge for week 6:

Spend 15 mins a day for 1 week working towards a goal.


Maybe you’ve been meaning to get into an exercise routine. Start by working out for 15 minutes each day. Maybe it’s catching up with friends via phone call or email. Maybe it’s reading or writing. Maybe it’s going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night.

You choose. Try leaving yourself a note on the mirror, fridge, or coffee pot to remember.

[box] Don’t forget!  If you capture and share your challenge with a photo or tweet, hashtag it  #shakeitup. You can find me on Instagram and twitter @tinyfisch.[/box]

engagment photo walking

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