Project #shakeitup Week 5


If you’ve been following along with project #shakeitup, today starts week 5!

First time reading about this? Learn more here.

Last week’s challenge was:

[quote]Buy something trivial for someone else that you would normally buy for yourself. [/quote]

Every so often I like to pick up a small bouquet of fresh flowers at the market to liven my house. I love the smell, the burst of color, and the “realness”.

I have a friend who has been having a rough time with life. The trials just don’t seem to stop, and while she is a very strong person, every now and then she feels outright beaten down.

Fresh flowers seemed like something trivial she might need more than me. Instead of adding a symbol of beauty and life to my dining room table, I wanted to add a little bit of that to her day. A reminder that there is still joy and growth in a world of pain and death, if you will.


If you’ve been participating in this project, what have you chosen to do? Perhaps you chose a challenge from a few weeks back to carry out this past week. How did it go for you?

I’d love to hear about it. Simply leave a comment below to share.

A friend of mine had a date come out of the challenge to say yes to something you usually say no to (you know who you are..hehe). Moral of the story? You never know what impact your decisions may have.

Shake up the world around you in just one tiny way this week. Who knows what kind of ripple effect it may have.

Week 5 challenge of project #shakeitup:

Have a conversation with someone you normally pass by. 


Having trouble remembering your challenge throughout the week? Try writing it on a post-it note and sticking it on your computer monitor or setting a reminder on your smart phone. 

[box]And don’t forget!  If you capture and share your challenge with a photo or tweet, hashtag it  #shakeitup. You can find me on Instagram and twitter @tinyfisch.[/box]


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