Project #shakeitup: above yourself


In last week’s #shakeitup post, I challenged you to:

[quote]Spend 15 minutes a day for 1 week working towards a goal[/quote]

First time reading about project #shakeitup? Learn more here.

A goal that I’ve had for myself is to spend at least 15 minutes a day with the Lord, deepening my knowledge and understanding of Him. For me, this typically looks like taking time in the morning before work to spend time in prayer and read my Bible along with whatever current “study guide” I am using, while I eat my breakfast. Right now I am going through Beth Moore’s study David: Seeking a Heart Like His. I aim to wake up early enough to give myself at least 20 minutes to do this, but that doesn’t always happen.

eggs and Bible

In my relationship with the Lord, this diligence is important because filling my mind and heart with truth is literally what keeps me spiritually nourished. It’s food for my soul; my daily bread. Without it, my heart grows weak and faint and I become easily ungrounded.

This past week I spent at least 15 minutes towards this goal on 6 out of the 7 days. Even though I didn’t hit all 7, I was still happy with my progress.

After all, I’m not aiming for perfection with project #shakeitup; rather, growth and change of perspective and behavior.

Did you partake in this challenge this past week? If so, what goal did you choose to work towards?

If this will be your goal for this coming week, what is it you want to focus on?

I’d love to hear about it. Simply leave a comment below to share.

Ready for week 7?

In a small or large way, actively put someone else’s need above your own. 


Maybe it’s helping out with a chore that your roommate or spouse usually handles, so that they can rest. Maybe it’s allowing the other driver to take the open parking spot. Maybe it’s listening instead of talking.

You choose. Try leaving yourself a note on the mirror, fridge, or coffee pot to remember.

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