Remembering More than Mascara


I like to listen to my Kari Jobe Pandora station in the mornings while getting ready for work.

I love the songs that cycle through. They’re peaceful and uplifting without being cheesy.

Kari’s song “You are For me” started playing the other day, and I listened intently to the lyrics as I slowly applied a layer of mascara.

I’d heard this song many times. Too many to count. But this morning in particular, it struck me in a different way as she sang about knowing that God is for her, or in other words, that He is never against her; even in her weaknesses and mistakes and brokenness.

As I methodically moved the thick black brush over my eye lashes, I got to thinking: How would my life look different if I lived like I truly believed God was for me?


If I lived out the truth that God doesn’t hold grudges against me, how much more would I feel His love?

How would that love impact me?

If I lived out the reality that God’s plans for me are good, how much less time would I spend second guessing, dragging my feet, and resisting?

How much freer would I feel?

And how would that freedom change me?

I know in my head the truth that God is for me. But in my heart there is often a disconnect. And that’s where Satan loves to keep me…in the disconnect. He knows that it’s in this place where we will often become paralyzed in our doubts and worries and lack of faith. As long as he’s keeping me paralyzed, he’s got an upper hand in my life.

I looked at myself in the mirror; one eye dressed up and one left naked. And I realized that I loved this song because it reminds me. It reminds of the truth that God is for me. Not against me. Ever. It reminds me that the truth is what sets me free…and that although Satan seems to steal a few “wins” with me at times, he will never have the final win.

The key to moving out of our “disconnects” in life is reminding ourselves of who God is and what His word says is true. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

As I finished dressing my second eye, I looked up and thought “if only the truth came in a pink Maybelline®  tube, then I’d never forget to apply it…”