Project #shakeitup Week 3


This past week was week 2 of project #shakeitup.

First time reading about this? Find out more here.

The challenge for the week was: [quote]Do something small for someone else with the intent of brightening their day.[/quote]

I got really excited as I thought about all the endless possibilities for carrying this one out. Doing something small for someone else can be so easy and so simple and it got me wondering why the heck I don’t do it intentionally more often. But I think the answer to that question lies in the very reasoning behind this project: we get so focused on our routine, our schedule, and our life, that we often don’t take the time to go out of our way for someone or something else.

There are two women at work who oversee all the housekeeping responsibilities. They are the sweetest women; always welcoming you with a cheerful “Goodmorning! How are you today?” and always showing care for those we work with. They are incredibly hard workers who do what is often a thankless job. Neither of them have had an easy life. Their story is one of struggle, loss, and pain. But also one of strength, perseverance, and hope. These women are beautiful to me, inside and out, and I wanted to thank them in a small way and let them know they are appreciated.



I chose to give them each a bag of chocolates along with a personal note in a thank you card.  I left it on their desk for them to find during their morning break, hoping to add a fun element of surprise. Later in the day they both pulled me aside to thank me and tell me how much it meant to them. While I enjoyed hearing from them, nothing beat the sincere look in their eye of gratitude for being noticed and appreciated.

It reminded me how important it is to acknowledge other people’s efforts and take the time to thank them for all that they do. After all, I think that is a need we all have deep down; to be noticed and appreciated. It’s such an easy thing to do, yet we often don’t take the time.

So what about you? How did you carry out this past week’s challenge?

I’d love to hear about it. Simply leave a comment below to share.

Ready for week 3? Join me in shaking up your routine in one simple way. And remember, if you capture and share it with a photo, label it #shakeitup. You can find me on Instagram @tinyfisch.

Week 3 Challenge: 

Show recognition to someone in your life.



This can look however you want. Maybe it’s taking the time to tell someone what they mean to you; or to thank someone for something they’ve taught you; or maybe it’s giving a compliment or encouragement to a friend. Interpret however you’d like! 



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