Project #shakeitup Week 2


Last week I kicked off a new series called project #shakeitup.

I threw out a simple challenge for the week and invited anyone interested to join me in shaking up their routine in one simple – or not so simple – way, in an effort to break us out of the ordinary and see what type of an impact our action has.  The details, I left up to you to interpret.


Last week’s challenge was: [quote]Say yes to something you usually say to no to.[/quote]

Throughout the week I kept this challenge on the forefront of my mind. I was hoping for a new experience of some sort to present itself, or for some wild request to come my way. But as the days went on, it just wasn’t happening. And I wanted it to be organic; not manipulated or planned.

As I thought over my weekly schedule and all the routines in my day, it dawned on me that the more impactful change in behavior for my life (at least for this particular week) might be in saying no to something I usually say yes to. Once I thought of it that way, all sorts of opportunities presented themselves, simple though they seemed.

In many different moments, I said “no” to feeling the need to scroll through my facebook feed just “one more time”, and chose to spend that time more productively.

More than once, I said “no” to obsessive thoughts my mind wanted to fixate on, and tried to instead remind myself of God’s truth.

I said “no” to the lazy/tired little devil on my shoulder one evening, when I wanted to simply rest and watch more TV instead of putting in a few hours to work towards goals I have for this here blog (much to the encouragement of Big Fisch).

Nothing earth shattering, but all were perspective-changing. And while I was hoping this past week’s challenge for me would be focused outward on someone else, I guess sometimes it’s just as important for us to take a look inside and see where adjustments need to be made, so that our outflow can be greater.

So what about you? Did you have an opportunity come along where you say yes to something you usually say no to? Or perhaps like me, you flipped the challenge around.

What did you choose? How did it impact you or someone else? Were you disappointed with the outcome? Encouraged?

Did it change the way you thought or felt?

I’d love to hear about it!

Simply leave a comment down below to share. And as always, feel free to post as anonymous if preferred.

Ready for week two of project #shakeitup?

Week 2 challenge:

Do something small for someone else with the intent of brightening their day.



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