Worth Fighting For


It’s no secret that the things in our lives we often feel most proud of are those that we’ve had to work hard for.

We’re proud because we’ve accomplished something. We’ve reached a goal we’ve set for ourselves, and probably poured out sweat over.

Things that are easy, anyone can do. But that which takes persistent, hard work? Few stay the course.

I’ve been thinking about this notion of working hard for that which I value. There are a handful of monumental achievements in my life (monumental for me) that I’d say I really worked for.  Then of course there are many smaller things, such as that unassigned aisle seat I wanted on Southwest. I was determined to get it; knew I’d have to fight for it; went after it; and got it.

I think I left that flight with less friends than I boarded with. And I knew no one. The value in that was clearly debatable.

Still, with each accomplishment I relearn the lesson that that which is truly important to you, you must be willing to fight for.

I so often wish this came more naturally for me. Many times I find myself wishing I was more goal driven; more numbers-focused; more competitive.

But I am drawn to that which feels natural and comfortable. This makes sense of course… after all, we choose to pursue deeper friendships with those we mesh naturally with. We enjoy careers in fields we naturally excel at.  Activities we find most relaxing are those we can feel ourselves doing.

Yet I’ve been realizing that there are many things I just won’t get around to doing, if  I don’t have a plan. Something else will always take precedence. There will be a meal to be cooked; laundry to fold; a post to write; a workout to be conquered.

So I have to ask myself, “what is worth fighting for?”

What is worth being inconvenienced for? Losing sleep for? Taking risks for?

When I look back over my life, what is it I want to know that I at least tried my best for?

What is it I hope to conquer…kinda like Big Fisch and these pillars?

matt climbing

I don’t know all the answers to these questions. But I do know I have a hard time being consistent with the daily foot stretch I’m supposed to do. And with cleaning my nose piercing twice a day like I was told (okay, hold your “ewwws”. I still keep it clean y’all).  And with praying the simple prayer I intended to say daily. And with taking my vitamin D.

Man. I can easily feel like inconsistencies get the best of me.

So I’m on this quest to find the balance between working my butt off for that which is a goal, fighting hard for that which is important, and continuing to find rest in that which is natural.

How do you balance them?