What I’m Lovin’ Now


Its been awhile since I’ve done a “favorite things” post so I thought I’d share a few items that are a top pick in the Fischer household right now… in hers/his style.


Tiny Fisch is currently lovin’:

1. Beverage: Naked Juice (healthy)

Naked_JuiceThese little guys are so good. Natural fruit juice. No sugar added. Amazing taste. Fun little bottle…and they are currently available at Costco (which gives me one more reason to go there almost weekly). Need I say more?

Whiskey Sour (fun)


Current drink of choice. A little whiskey, and a lot of sour please.

2. Clothing: This top from Lululemon. 


Big Fisch got me this top for my birthday two months ago and I just love it. He picked it out himself and actually kept it a surprise (he often struggles keeping a surprise, bless his heart). This is my first Lululemon article of clothing and I love the unique style and fit and minty color. When I put it on it almost makes me want to head to a yoga gym and say “namaste” …but then I think twice and am like “nah, I’ma stay…” ha ha ha

This workout top from Costco


Lululemon tops are fun to get every now and then, but its no secret that they’re pretty pricey. So when I find a workout top at Costco that seems just as nice for only $12.00, I can’t resist. If you’ve read my blog before, there’s a good chance you already now I’m an avid Costco shopper. And they certainly don’t pay me to say so. One of my favorite finds there is good workout gear and I’ve yet to be disappointed. This shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable with a relaxed, yet form-fitting fit. I love it so much that I included this awkward selfie photo for your viewing pleasure, beheaded self and all.

3. Entertainment: Passion Pit, Pink, and Alt-J

Repeatedly jamming to these songs:

– Passion Pit It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy

– Pink Just Give Me a Reason

– Alt-J Breezeblocks

4. Cosmetics: Urban Decay Naked2


I know this eye shadow palette has been around for a little while now, but it just recently made its way into my life (shout out to my mom for this birthday gift). When it comes to eye shadows, I love natural bronze colors and “smokey eye” grays and black. Sometimes ya just need some new make up to add a little excitement to your morning routine, am I right ladies?

Big Fisch is currently lovin’:

1. Beverage: Bourbon 


For some reason he insists on wearing a tux each time he has bourbon.

Just kidding.

2. Clothing: Light weight button down J Crew shirts

j crew shirt

We’re big  fans of outlet shopping and these  are continually Big Fisch’s favorites. And he wears ’em like a boss.

3. Entertainment:

Capoeira – Brazilian fight dancing…Big Fisch’s desired form of dance. Emphasize on desired.

Harlam shake videos…Big Fisch’s comic relief before bed…which he also makes me watch.

Ted Talks and other videos on quantum physics and the black hole…Big Fisch’s current favorite topic to read about and talk about…I wish I was kidding. He also tries to make me watch these. But I “accidentally” fall asleep while they are loading.

4. Cosmetics: Axe men’s messy look paste

axe paste

A forever favorite of Big Fisch. Its the magic that makes Matt Fischer hair, Matt Fischer hair.

mmatt moonbounce

There ya have it! What are you lovin’ right now?