Battlefield of the mind.


I’m continually surprised by how easy it is for me to forget what grounds me.

If you were to ask me what gives me my identity, I’m pretty sure my answer would always sound somewhat the same.

Logically, I know what, or Who, it is I have chosen to build my life and my decisions on.

But I recognize that the thoughts that run through my head are not always so logical.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to admit to myself that I am not immune from the temptation of making extremely poor decisions.

I’m not immune from the appeal of our culture; our world. I’m not immune from wanting to appear to measure up to those around me.

To be desirable.

To be liked.

To be accepted.

To be enough, plus some.

For whatever reason, sometimes I start to believe it is easier to measure my worth by what others think of me than what God’s word tells me.

I guess sometimes life just wears on me, and I don’t feel like fighting.

Maybe it’s because others’ opinions of me can sometimes be audibly heard or physically seen. Perhaps it fulfills that desire for instant and continuous approval. And if I receive the kind of response I think I want, it fuels me to keep seeking more. But if I don’t get what I want, I’m left empty believing I’m just not good enough.

This, is the vicious cycle of lies.

Oh how easy it is to get sucked into it; and so quickly pulled down.

Unfortunately it often takes finding myself in a pit to remember that my God is so quick to rescue. He extends out His hand, lifts me back up, dusts me off, tells me yet again:

Child, you are mine. You are worthy because I am worthy. You are more valuable to me than you will ever know. I love you with an endless love, and nothing you could ever do will take that away. You are enough.

The funny thing is, when I remember this truth, I am more at ease than ever. I am more myself, and I don’t even have to try to not care what the world thinks of me. I’m simply freed from caring, because the Creator of the universe labels me as a gem; His gem.

And that is all the approval I need.

This truth is just one I have to – no, must – remind myself of daily. Because the temptations and lies will never go away. If I fill my mind with messages from the world, than I will naturally think like the world. It’s a battlefield of the mind, and He alone gives me the strength I need to fight through the lies and live freely.

My desire for acceptance from anything other than Christ always points towards a hole within my heart I am trying to fill on my own. It reveals to me some area that I am not surrendering to God. But the truth is, nothing will fill it and nothing will satisfy other than Christ.

I am found in Christ. He is my rock and my anchor.