Tuesday Truth: An Honest Prayer


I reference a woman named Beth Moore a lot around here, in my Tuesday Truth posts.

For me, she is a teacher/writer/speaker whose message I just get. It always seems to strike home in my heart and spur on thoughts. Hence why I share her words frequently.

This morning I read a section from her “Breaking Free” study guide where she says that more than anything else she prays for (and the woman prays for a lot), she prays to know God.

Beth Moore prays to know God? 

Is that okay?

Having grown up attending church and learning about God from day 1 of my life, I often feel that I should already know God. I should know His word; all His promises; all His commands; and as much about His character that is revealed through the Bible.

Rarely do I ever think to pray to God himself, “help me know you Lord.”

But there are many people in my life who I am around regularly that I don’t really know. I may know their name, where they are from, how they take their coffee, and what they like to eat for lunch, but I don’t really know them. 


It’s the same way with our relationship with the Lord. I may pray to God about all the things I have on my own list, but unless I take the time to seek out who He really is, I will not intimately know Him.

Beth Moore says ” People who know God well want God well-known. No one has to force a person who is intimately acquainted with God to be a living witness.  Those who truly know His Name (and all it implies) always want His fame.”

When I think about the many things I do know about God, and the many ways I have seen Him work in my life, I am overcome with a sense of he is so good and so real, and I want more of Him.

And the times in my life that I’ve felt face-to-face with His presence, I’ve just wanted others to know. I couldn’t hold it in. The joy that filled me would just spill over.

So why don’t I feel that way most days? Why do I often seem to not care if He is well-known? Why is it my fame I am many times more concerned about, than His?

Probably largely because I let myself in many ways just sit beside him while I drink my coffee. I don’t always engage Him; seek Him out; listen to Him. I let myself grow used to a small dosage of His presence in my life, and I call that enough.

But it is so not enough. I miss out on so much greatness; so much joy; so much blessing when I don’t seek to intimately know my God. And so do others by effect.

I know how much it saddens Big Fisch the times he feels I don’t care to be intentional with him. How much more then must it sadden my Creator?

To acknowledge to myself and to God that I need His help in getting to know Him better, I am freed up to dump the guilt, get to the heart of the issue, and set my focus back on Him.

So that is my prayer. Lord, help me to know you and live a life that makes you well-known.