Hello 2013


Happy 2013…



Picture taken by Laura Scott 


From two Fisch, to you!

After a nice break from blogging to enjoy the holidays, its great to be back. Our past month has been filled with holiday festivities, travels South to see family and friends for Christmas, travels North for a New Years party of the century, and a few other things that I hope to be able to share down the road. All in all, it has kept us busy busy busy.


A few things I’m looking forward to this year…

– I turn 25…this month! Let me be honest though, I’m really only looking forward to the birthday party part. And the presents. Turning 25? That   weirds me out a little bit. I feel as though it makes me officially more of an adult. And officially ticking towards 30. And officially more responsible. Which I’m officially ill equipped for…because I feel more immature than ever. Just kidding. Sort of.
– Improvements to the blog! I’m happy to announce that the “subscribe” feature over to the right now actually works. (Thanks Big Fisch!). Also, we’ve added an archive to the bottom right to make it easier to find older posts. It may be baby steps, but it’s slowly improving.
– Another sweet niece or nephew!!! Congratulations to my wonderful sister and brother-in-law! We couldn’t be more excited for you guys. Baby number 2 is due sometime around August.
– Maybe another blogging conference? That would be sweet.
– Possibly moving to some sort of new living quarters? Or not. We don’t yet know. I’m thankful we’ve only moved once since getting married, since its so much work. However, I am getting the itch…
– Spending lots of intentional time with friends and family.

– Seeing where God leads us next. His ways are far greater than our ways. Amen and amen.

Here’s to a great 2013!

nye 2013 group shot

Picture by Brenda Kibler