Thanksgiving 2012


My Thanksgiving holiday was….

– Coffee with my mom in the morning, just the two of us.

– Cooking traditional side dishes alongside my mom while my dad smoked the turkey.

– Hearing the marching bands play in the Macy’s parade on the TV in the background.

– Wanting desperately to nap after our filling meal, but taking a walk with all the ladies instead.

– Getting to cuddle with my adorable 1 year old niece.


– Waking up early for Black Friday shopping…and not regretting it.

– Spending time with a few great friends.

– Sitting around a bonfire in the crisp, coolness of early winter.

– Going shooting with my family.

– Seeing Sky Fall.

– Staying up too late.

– Eating lots of good food; both homemade and out at favorite restaurants.

– Miraculously not getting stuck in traffic during our travels.

– Wishing I’d had more time to spend seeing other friends and family.

– An all around, wonderful holiday.

How did you spend your holiday weekend, friends?

It’s back to the grind now…but hey, at least I have my Justin Bieber holiday station, Christmas scented candles, and Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer to make the transition a little easier.

Yes, I said Justin Bieber.

Sorry not sorry.