Weekend Visitors


The arrival of November has inspired many people to start thinking about what they’re thankful for.

Why wait until Thanksgiving day to think about your thankful list when you can start now, right?

I think so too.

One thing on my list: my sister-in-law, Michelle, and her husband, Jansen.

I’m thankful for all my siblings, but since these two just came for a weekend visit, I’m going to focus on them for today.

These newlyweds joined us for a cold, and I mean cold, day at Hershey Park over the weekend.

We bundled up, jumped in the car, and headed out for a day of roller coasters, funnel cakes, the scrambler, and a tour of Hershey Park’s Chocolate Factory.

I don’t think I had been on a roller coaster for about 6 years…in fact, check out this hilariously awkward video from the last time Big Fisch and I were at an amusement park.  We weren’t dating at the time…just flirting. We ran into one of my sweet friends from high school who is a roller coaster enthusiast and was in the process of filming rides from the day.  I can’t believe how young Big Fisch looks…


(To see more of awkward Big and Tiny Fisch, skip from 0:32 to 1:17)


Anyway, we were so blessed by Michelle and Jansen this weekend. They are two encouraging, sincere, caring, and uplifting people.

I mean really, the Lord could not have given me better sisters-in-law, and He could not have paired Michelle up with a better husband.

Jansen mentioned during a meal time prayer that He was thankful Big Fisch and I were good role models for he and Michelle. The funny thing is, even though Big Fisch and I are a few years older, I think we look to them as fantastic role models. And just all around fantastic examples of two people who love God and love others, and whose lives truly reflect it.

M and J, spending time with you two always leaves Big Fisch and I feeling inspired to love others the way you two do. We love your joy. Love your hearts. And love your wisdom.

The fact that you’re fun and easy going is definitely a bonus as well ;).

Hopefully these two will be back to visit again soon. After all, Jansen didn’t seem to be scared off from Big Fisch loudly shouting at the tornadoes he thought he saw coming during the night, in his sleep…  Yeah, there were no tornadoes.

Surviving a night under the same roof with a sleep walking Fisch is the sure tell sign of friendship with us. And of your courage.

Thank you Lord for such great siblings. It’s an irreplaceable gift.

PS – I’m also really thankful for Hershey’s milk chocolate.  And I mean really. They done did it right. Just sayin’…