Tuesday Truth: Trust


If you accused me of always quoting Beth Moore, you would be right.

Not only have I been going through different studies of hers, I also happen to think she’s one of the wisest women of our time. And that is simply because of the work she has allowed God to do in her life. The words He gives her continually challenge me and I like to share them here in hope of 1) encouraging you as well and 2) recording them for myself.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of trusting God a lot this past week, and what that  looks like fleshed out. I can say I trust God until I’m blue in the face, but unless obedience follows my words, I’m only telling myself I trust Him.

Trusting God sounds good to me. But obeying Him? It’s not always what I feel like doing.

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Beth Moore said, “Those who are obedient [to God] are those who will also be victorious.” 

That is absolutely, 100% true. An obedient life equals a victorious life. Because God always knows what is best for us and never asks us to do something that will cause us harm. It is always for our good; to produce in us a more abundant life than we ever thought possible.

So how do I grow in my trust and obedience in the Lord? Beth puts it beautifully in Breaking Free:

“One of the things I enjoy most about God is His daily-ness. We don’t develop an appreciation for His presence from crisis points. Pure appreciation for God’s presence emerges from the daily walk – perhaps in the mundane more than the miraculous.

Last year my sweet daddy had a stroke, and I rode with him in the ambulance from a small community hospital to one that was larger and better staffed. The paramedics were wonderful and, although I appreciate them, we didn’t  trade phone numbers or plan to have lunch! Sometimes we tend to approach God in the same way. He gets us through an emergency and, although we appreciate Him, we do not necessarily stay in close touch once the crisis passes.

Not only will our enjoyment of God remain lacking if our walk with Him isn’t daily, our willingness and readiness to obey Him will remain lacking. Much of obedience is based on trust, and trust grows from a day-to-day relationship. “

It’s trusting Him on a daily basis, each morning. It’s pursing Him. Getting to know more of Him. Talking to Him. Listening to His voice…over mine. It’s growing in Him each day, just like I would with a best friend or spouse.

We don’t tend to trust those we don’t know. So we’ve got to get know Him or we will be severely missing out.

Trust and obedience: let’s chew on it today.