Tuesday Truth: Required to Walk


A guy by the name of John Saddington spoke at the conference I was at this past weekend. John is an entrepreneur who is passionate about startups, blogging, human capital, and Jesus.  And he has a brilliant, strategic mind.

During his talk he said, “God orchestrates all things, but requires us to walk.”

This point stuck with me all weekend.

In everything we do in life, God is at work, orchestrating all things. I don’t make that statement so that I have a peaceful and happy sounding quote to offer you, rather I share it because the implications of that truth are deep and rich. And I don’t want you to miss out.

God has a plan for your life. I say it often and I will say it again and again.

He gives us dreams, desires, talents, and strengths for a reason. He sets plans in motion and prepares the way for us to walk in faith and trust Him enough to discover the life He intends for us to live.

But He requires us to walk. He gives us the option to respond and take a leap of faith, or to sit back in idleness.

He will not force us. He will not push us. We must be willing to do the work He asks us to do.

Sometimes, my natural inclination is to shy away from things that require work because I am afraid of falling short, not doing well enough, and quite frankly, feeling like a failure.

But when I allow myself to think first of my fear, I am belittling the power of God that promises to be my strength where I am weak. If God has called me to it, He will most certainly see me through it. It is His plan after all; not mine.

Maybe walking out in faith and responding to God’s call looks like finishing a program in school that you don’t feel like you have the strength to do.

Maybe it’s ending a relationship that you know is toxic.

Maybe it’s accepting a new job that appears risky and unsafe.

Maybe it’s stepping into a leadership position He has brought into your life, even when you feel inadequate.

Maybe it’s making time in what is an already busy schedule, to pursue a project God wants to turn into something more.

Whatever it may be for you, will be worth the sweat –and potential temporary pain– to walk out in faith and allow God’s plan to unfold in your life.

It’s one thing to be willing, it’s another to take action.