SleepnBeauty & CurlytopKK


I’m not usually a “homemade” kind of person…unless we’re talking food. But one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received is a scrapbook that my bestie, Katelynn, made me for my sweet 16.

Little did I know how dear that book would become to me.

Five years ago today, Katelynn was taken from this earth.

If you read my blog frequently, you’re most likely familiar with my references to her. I miss her all the time; all year round; on ordinary days. But as anyone who has lost a loved one knows, anniversaries tend to flare up the pain as if it were yesterday.

While looking through this scrapbook last night, I came across some of  the old AIM conversations Kate had saved, printed out, and glued to the pages. Leave it to Kate to still make me laugh, even in her absence, at the many memories she captured.  In honor of her, and the strange humor that bonded us, I thought I’d share a part of one of those conversations:

SleepnBeauty1211(me…do not ask me why I chose this screen name): hey…do you ever get that feeling that ur hyper in ur head? and u just keep rambling on with ideas and jokes and conversations, but outside ur head ur dead tired and can barely talk?

Curlytopkk: hahah

Curlytopkk: wow I thought that was only me

SleepnBeauty1211haha well I have that head problem right now

Curlytopkk: but yea I get that all the time

Curlytopkk: hahaha

SleepnBeauty1211: seriously?

Curlytopkk: yeah!

SleepnBeauty1211: hahah

SleepnBeauty1211: that’s awesome

Curlytopkk: haha

Curlytopkk: you’re not the only extremely weird one…

SleepnBeauty1211: phewf…that’s a huge relief

Curlytopkk: hahaha yes it is!


Oh Curlytop, thank you for reassuring me I was not the only extremely weird one. You always had my back and just “got me”. Just so you know, I still get that head problem.

Thank you for making me that book. Who knew what a priceless gift it would be.

PS – why did it take us so long to get through our awkward stage? And by we I mean me. You were just sweet and pretended to go through it too. Because that’s what good girlfriends do.