Halloween Throughout the Years


Happy Halloween!

What did you dress up as this year?

I’ve always loved Halloween…I think because I love to dress up. Some days I wish I could still spend the afternoon dressing up as a princess and prancing around. That’s not weird right?

Can you guess what Big Fisch and I were this year?

Disclaimer: No, this was not us dressing to prepare for the storm. My digger hat had different motives than providing light in case of a power outage. Yes, this is humorous to us.

Here’s a little throw back of  Halloween throughout the years:


 Housemate Housewives. Stepford Wives ain’t got nothing on this bunch.

A certain housewife-wannabe getting very eager for her ring….little did I know it would come in less than 1 month from that night.


Sailors! Sailoras?…Sailoresses?


What girl hasn’t dressed up as a cat before?


Dressed up as a pageant girl to take my little sister trick or treating. Needless to say, everyone thought she was my daughter… #sixteenandnotpregnant

Dressing up is so fun! What’s been one of your favorite costumes?