Five Minute Friday


Thoughts in five minutes. Ready, go:

Two nights ago I woke up to Big Fisch hissing and holding his hand over his heart. Although he does all sorts of strange things in his sleep, this one was weird enough to actually wake me up enough to ask “Are you okay hun?”. He mumbled something that had absolutely nothing to do with hissing or his heart. Satisfied that this sound came from his altered mental state instead of an altered physical state, I kissed him on the forehead, wished him well, and fell back asleep.

Sound weird to you? It is.

Airports are bizarre places. Thousands of people going thousands of places. One of my favorite things about airports? When people are rushing to make their flight on time, their dignity goes out the window. They no longer care how they look when they run — arms flailing,  feet pounding against the floor, panic in their eyes, backpack awkwardly flopping against their body as they run — it no longer matters to them. Their focus becomes catching their flight, not worrying about their pride.  I observed this several times last weekend and it gave me a good giggle while I waited for my own flight. Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously and need to be shaken up.

Fact: I am happiest when I am not trying to be someone I’m not. When I stop comparing and stop imagining myself in a different light, I am most comfortable, most alive, and most free.

Aaaand time.

Happy Friday!