Virtual Coffee Date


Some of the blogs I follow link up for a “virtual coffee date” every so often, to share with their readers what it is they would tell them if they were on a coffee date together. Kind of a “here’s what’s on my heart”, if you will. I love this idea and thought I would give it a try myself. So if I were on a coffee date with you one on one, I would tell you…


That I’m really no good at taking cool pictures, but I keep trying anyway (see photo above). I would laugh about it with you and then tell you that a goal of mine is to improve my photography skills. But the thought of adding a class into my schedule right now overwhelms me. I feel like my days go by so quickly as it is…but that feeling will probably never go away. I guess in life we have to decide which things are worth feeling overwhelmed for, and which aren’t. Or else we’ll always shy away from new accomplishments.

I would also tell you that yesterday was the birth date of my best friend Katelynn, who passed away five years ago this October. When I think about her, my mind races with so many wonderful, humorous, and favorite memories of her. I feel joy at the thought of her because she blessed my life with such sweet friendship. But I would also tell you that I really, really miss her. Like really miss her. Sometimes I catch myself trying to belittle the loneliness my heart feels for her friendship because I know there are so many people who have lost loved ones and so many people hurting more than me. And I have this hang up where I fear coming off overly dramatic and sensitive (note to self…keep working through that) so sometimes I suppress what I’m feeling. But you know what? It’s okay for me to miss her. We had one hell of a bond, and it is irreplaceable. So until my day comes when I meet Jesus face-to-face, I’ll have this hole in my heart with “KK” imprinted in it. And sometimes that hole just aches, and the best thing for me is to let myself cry.

Then I’d probably grab a tissue and blush because of how vulnerable I just got.

Lastly I’d tell you that I continue to feel as if I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of knowing who God really is. Some days I think I have Him largely figured out, and then all of a sudden I realize He is so much bigger than the box I try to fit Him in, and my mind is blown by how much He loves me. I am so incredibly undeserving of that love, but so desperately in need of it.

What would you tell me, friend?

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