Pineapple Chicken and Fried “Rice”


One of my favorite resources for recipes is the Pioneer Woman’s blog.

I simply love her cooking…and her humor. Every recipe of hers that I have tried, I’ve really enoyed.

So when I saw her recipe for pork chops with pineapple fried rice, I knew it would be love at first bite.

And it was! So much so that I thought I’d shake it up a little bit and try it with chicken and quinoa instead of rice.

It was excellent and still so flavorful that I really didn’t find myself missing the rice like I thought I would. This dish is spicy and salty, with just a little bit of sweet tang from the pineapple.

I used three boneless, skinless chicken breasts and butterflied them so they would cook evenly. Because of that, it took me less time to cook the chicken than it did the pork chops since my pork chops were pretty thick. Other than that, I switched out the rice for quinoa and kept everything else the same.

Check out the Pioneer Woman’s step by step instructions here. Plus, her pictures do this meal way more justice than mine. Like, way more.

Happy eating!

– Tiny Fisch