Italian Roast Beef


Two weekends ago  I got to celebrate my sweet niece, Carmen’s 1st birthday. It was adorable to say the least.

Amanda Amador Photography

I stuck around my sister’s house for a little while after the party and got to spend a little bit more time with the birthday girl, helping out with some of their daily routines like dinner time, play time, cuddle time, etc. Carmen’s growing palate now includes several tasty meats, such as beef. Italian roast beef to be exact. As I helped shred the little pieces of beef for her to chomp down on, I couldn’t help but notice how delicious it looked. When her mother wasn’t looking, I snagged a few pieces for myself. I knew Carmen wouldn’t mind. And man, was it ever good. No wonder the girl loves to eat.

So really, I have little Carmen to thank for this recipe I’m about to share. Okay, okay… you too, Megan.

Remember how easy I said it was to roast a perfect chicken? Well folks, this roast beef is even easier. And just as much of a crowd pleaser, if not more.

Italian Roast Beef


4-5 lb chuck beef

1 package dry gravy mix (standard size, about 1 ounce)

1 package ranch dressing mix (standard size, about 1 ounce)

1 package Italian salad dressing mix (standard size, about 1 ounce)

1/2 cup water


Mix dry seasonings together in a bowl. Place chuck beef in crock pot and rub/sprinkle dry seasoning mixture all over beef. Pour water in the crock pot over beef. Set the crock pot to low and cook for 7-9 hours. The beef should fall apart easily with a touch of a fork when done.

This is DELICIOUS friends. And so easy. This pairs magically with mashed potatoes and a green veggie.

Italian Roast Beef: it’s what’s for dinner.

Found recipe here.