High Five for Friday


I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk today for a High Five for Friday post because it’s Friday and that’s worth celebrating.

Here’s what I’m high fiving today:

1. Pumpkin Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts®. I wasn’t so sure how it would compare to Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it was actually really good! And the small is just the right size since I don’t usually finish my coffee. Win! I might be addicted now…

2. This quote from Beth Moore: “Most [women who live free] have experienced a serious stronghold or hindrance they fought to overcome. How do I know? Because every person I’ve met who really seems liberated to love, enjoy, and obey God as a lifestyle has been on the battlefield. They usually appreciate and apply victory more readily because they’ve experienced the misery of defeat firsthand. I rarely meet a person who has come to trust God fully without painfully confronting the fact that she can’t trust herself. Freedom never comes easy.” – Breaking Free

What beautiful truth. I cannot trust myself; my emotions. I need God’s truth daily in my life. The sooner I learn this, the sooner I will live out true freedom.

3. COVERGIRL® Outlast Double Lip Shine. I haven’t found anything I’ve liked better. This is what I wore on my wedding day, and I LOVED it. I’d tell you what color I had, but the print is completely faded off now. It’s not too sticky, doesn’t dry your lips out, and you get the option of adding color or just using the clear gloss! Run to Target now.

4. Eggs and bacon. Can’t live without it. And I’ve come to realize a profound mystery within scrambled eggs… No matter how many eggs you crack open, it always looks like you’ve used less than you did. If I scramble three instead of two, it still looks like I have two. If  scramble one, it looks like I scrambled 1/2 of a midget egg.  Where does it all go?!

5. Erase Paste by Benefit. This stuff saves my life. Will my acne ever go away? When I look in the mirror I can’t remember whether I’m 13 or 20 something.

Happy Friday! What’s on your H54F list?

 – Tiny Fisch