Fallin’ for Fall


It’s officially Fall. I know some of you have been holding out on acknowledging Fall’s presence until now. You “official” sticklers, you.

Big Fisch and I spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather with friends  and getting in some much needed rest. Here’s  how we ushered in the new season:

I started by baking my first loaf of pumpkin bread for the season. Mmm mmm mmm. It sure was good. I went into the grocery store for bananas and bread. I came out with all kinds of ingredients for pumpkin desserts. Never shop on a pumpkin-treat-craving stomach.

Then I went to a Channing Tatum party. Yes, you heard me right. Think tator  Tatum Tots, Chan-yagne, Step Up and She’s the Man. Yes siree, I’ve got some smart and sassy friends.

Saturday morning I headed to a “Mug & Muffin” gathering with some wonderful ladies from our church.

We sipped our hot beverages from our mugs and feasted on many, many muffins. And breads and doughnuts…90% which were pumpkin flavored. Meanwhile Big Fisch consumed 12 eggs, 7 stripes of bacon, and 6 sausage links at “Bros & Breakfast.” Gender differences…you’ve just got to love ’em.

Later that day we headed to a local Oktoberfest with our wonderful friends Jamie and Ashley. The Germans sure know a thing or two about celebrating this time of the year. I’d never felt more proud to have my last name spelt “FisCher with a C”…which is about my only German claim to fame.

Our men wouldn’t partake in the German dances with us, but they did insist on proving their strength, masculinity, and sharp eye in other ways to Ashley and I… and the rest of the German culture loving crowd. They sure know how to win a girl’s heart…best $5 ever spent.

Is it my sarcasm or sleepiness talking now?

I’m not sure.

If the shoot off wasn’t enough, Big Fisch and Jamie decided they would ride the Tower of Terror just to make sure there was no room to question their courage. That, or they wanted to taste their bratwursts again.

Ew gross, Heather. 

There’s just something about ending a good, fall weekend with open windows, hoodies, and comfy pants, all snuggled up in your family room. See Big Fisch’s bare lil feet in the background there? tickle tickle!

I’m definitely a summer lovin’ gal first and foremost, but I’ve got to hand it to you, Fall. Keep giving me weekends like this one,  and I just might find myself fallin’  head over heels for ya.

How did you spend your first fall weekend?