Trip to OBX


Big Fisch and I escaped to the Outer Banks in NC last week for a vacation with my family.

It was so nice to relax, spend time with the fam, read, and enjoy the sun and ocean.

OBX will always have a special place in my heart. Not only because it’s one of the nicer beaches on the east coast, but because my family spent a few wonderful weeks there with my best friend, Katelynn’s family when we were younger.

I just feel close to Kate there; so many great memories were thick in the air.


Here is a picture of Katelynn and I at Sunset Grille in 2004.

We were hoping that bartender in the background would hook us up.

Turns out we didn’t look as old as we thought.

Just kidding.

Last week we stayed in the town of Duck, in a large Victorian style home, which happened to be less than a mile from Sunset Grille.

So you can guess which restaurant I chose to eat at for our night out. I just had to reminisce.

Same bar, 2012 with my sister.

The bartendar STILL wouldn’t give me a drink without carding me. I had to drive home to get my driver’s license.

Yes, I realize what I just said. I was less than a mile away, okay? 

Oh, here is Big Fisch and I in a dark picture, with a water spout over my head. See that tornado on the water? Yep, it was coming straight towards us.

We assumed they were no big deal since we saw TWO of them in the five days we were there. But according to the staff at the restaurant, this was the first one they had ever seen at OBX.

CRAZY. Thankfully it dissolved on the water before hitting land.

If you look closely you can see the rain on the water coming towards us.

I think tornados follow our mid-western selves everywhere we go. Just sayin’.

A few other highlights from the week:

Sunsets at the beach, our home for the week, and paddle boards


Sibling time!

My niece, Carmen’s first time at the beach




Family time

We did a little bit of shopping, a lot of cooking, a little bit of sleeping, but a ton of lounging.

Ahhh, sweet summertime. I sure do love it.

Have you ever vacationed to OBX? Which town is your favorite?