We Got Another Brother


My sissy-in-law got married this past weekend!


Big Fisch’s younger sister

Michelle, you made such a stunning bride.

Jansen, you were pretty handsome yourself.

Big Fisch and I drove south last weekend for a weekend full of wedding festivities. Nail salons, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal and rehearsal lunch, game night with the bridal party, and of course, the actual wedding itself. It was all so. much. fun. Michelle and Jansen – you two have awesome friends.

As wonderful as the weekend parties were, nothing was as amazing as seeing how much Christ was glorified through this couple at the wedding.

I  know few people who strive to love God and live for Him in all they do, as much as Michelle and Jansen. Their love for God has impacted everyone they know; childhood friends, college friends, co-workers, and family. During their rehearsal lunch, testimony after testimony was given about how Michelle and Jansen have changed lives and been an example of what a relationship centered on Christ looks like.

And you know what else? Life for these two hasn’t been easy. They’ve walked through some dark valleys and have had to deal with a lot of pain and hurt in their own families. But they have clung to God’s goodness, His healing power, and His perfect example of love, and He has carried them through. Michelle and Jansen are some of the strongest, most grounded people I know. And it’s because of their relationship with and love for Christ.

Big Fisch and I couldn’t be more proud of the choices this couple has made, the heart that they have, and the solid foundation they are building their marriage on. God has already blessed them so much, and I cannot wait to see the impact they have on others as a married couple.

Michelle and Jansen – thank you for allowing Big Fisch and I to be apart of your special day. We were truly honored to stand by your side.

Oh, and thank you for an awesome dance party. Which led to Big Fisch ripping his pants open down the butt. He won’t be living that one down any time soon.

Video footage and edited courtesy of Big Fisch.