Summertime Favorites



I love pretty much everything that word implies. I’ll even take the high heat and humidity over cold weather, any day.

Since we’re mid-summer and still have plenty of time to enjoy this season, I thought I’d share a list of “Summer Favorites” with y’all.

A few of my favorite summer 2012 things:

1. Tennis skirts

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Can these get any cuter? Actually playing tennis is not a prerequisite. These skirts are so comfy to wear in the heat around the house or out on the town. Their light weight material makes them extremely breathable and the shorts underneath keep what’s meant to be private, private, while also preventing chaffing. Bonus! Muscular legs unite.

2. Swimsuits from Target and Old Navy

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For a large selection of cute prints and affordable prices, Target and Old Navy do me right every year. Sometimes it seems like the high price stores with swimsuits selling for $60 – $80, aren’t always that cute. Anyone with me on that? These swimsuits give you freedom to look good without breaking the bank.

3. Emerald’s Sweet & Salty Mixed Nuts

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Have you had these? SO good! I love them plain as a snack, or mixed in with a favorite summer salad. My current favorite is the blend with the glazed walnuts. Protein that tastes like candy? Yes please.

4. Mason Jars

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This one is kind of a cheat, because I love mason jars anytime, all the time, any way, any day. I use mason jars as every day drinking glasses for water and ice tea (Big Fisch and I use specific cups and glasses for specific drinks…we’re weird and particular), but I also love to decorate with them. Use it as a vase for fresh flowers, stick a tea light in it for “soft” d├ęcor, fill it with sand and sea shells, or any other vase filler you can think of. Oh, and canning. I guess you could do that too.

5. Vanilla yogurt with fresh peaches

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So simple, but so good. This combo is a perfect mid-morning snack that is light in calories but big in taste. There are many fruits you can get all year long, but peaches? They’re just better in the summer.

6. Beach towels from Costco

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You know I have to throw something from Costco on this list. They’re colorful, they’re soft, they’re big. I’d get one every year if the closets in my house weren’t the size of my thumb nail.

7. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

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This is another cheat, because I don’t yet know if this will be a favorite, but I’m feeling optimistic. My hair stylist highly recommended this product to me, saying it really gives her hair that summertime, salty wave look. You spray it in damp hair, give it a bit of a scrunch, and let the sea salt do it’s magic. I just picked up a bottle last night and haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but I am hoping it brings out some wave from my straight hair.

What items are hot on your list of summertime favs?