Annnnnnd we’re back


After probably the longest hiatus known to mankind (okay, probably not the longest), the blog is back!

And boy am I ready for it to be.

You may notice I’ve had a face lift.

Well, not me. I’m hoping for another solid 30 years before that would be

One Fisch, Two Fisch at has morphed into
Made to Live at

The new face of MTL is set up to better encompass my heart and purpose
behind this blog.

You’ll still find stories and rantings of everyday life as a Fisch under
“Tales”, but One Fisch, Two Fisch  is now just one section instead of the main
focus of this blog.

Check out the “About” section for more information on my heart behind MTL.

Man am I excited to be back in the blogsphere! I’ve missed your pretty
faces. Uh, pretty fonts?….pretty thoughts?

Pretty you.

Talk to ya soon!

– Tiny Fisch

p.s. A BIG shout out to this guy:


Big Fisch hard at work in the world of coding

And this guy:

Brad Almond – designer of MTL header

You both rock and I am so grateful for your help!