Three Things I’m Diggin Now

A lot of people write posts about their current top 5 favorite things. I thought I’d talk about 3 things today because there’s 3 things on my mind; not 5. And because they’re all from Costco.
Have I mentioned before how much I love Costco?
There are just so many goodies and treasures to be found there. And you can always count on the price being cheaper than it is…elsewhere.
Their seven layer chocolate cake for example, is out of this world. It’s just like PF Chang’s seven layer cake, but instead of a slice you get the whooooole thing. It’s my favorite and it’s there every year for my special day.
1. See the yoga/racer-back tanks below? The green one is from Lululemon for $39 and the red one is from….drum roll please… COSTCO for $12! Although I do love me some Lululemon, I also love me some extra yoga shirts for a great price. I saw these yesterday and had to snag a few.

(Picture found here)

2. The Miracle Ball Method. Have you ever heard of this? It’s awesome. Want a simple, relaxing, easy, and comfortable breathing/stretching routine to help cure tight/knotted muscles? Try this.

3. You wanna know why else I love Costco? It is so helpful to me in many areas of life. Not just with cooking, fashion, and health, but also with technology. Check out what I found while browsing the book section:
That’s right. An iPhone manual-for-dummies!
And I intend to read all 600 pages. There’s much more my little iPhone can do for me besides Angry Birds, text messaging, and poorly navigating me around town. And I intend to figure out just what all that is.
And no. I don’t get paid to promote Costco shopping. I’m just really passionate about it…