Sanity Comes in the Morning

I love the morning time. So much more than evenings.
Well, let’s be honest: I love late mornings.
I went from never hitting the snooze button to hitting it four times this morning. Oops.
In my defense, it was much easier to wake up at the first sound of the alarm when it was 8:00am (college life) than it is at 5:45am (real life).
I’m telling ya, I don’t think I’ll ever adjust to a “working” schedule. Just last Saturday the hubs and I slept until 11:00am because we didn’t have any alarms set.
Guess I’m just not meant to work.
Anyway, I think I will always favor morning time the most. Each day I have the chance to wake up to a clean slate.
I feel as if I can rise above the mistakes of yesterday and set out to make today a good one. We all know that doesn’t always happen. But I can always try.
In the morning the world seems more peaceful. I sense more of God’s presence. I think more clearly…and more rationally.
I feel more optimistic. I feel like the Sand Man is no longer sitting on my head, beating me with a bag of sleepy sand, trying to get me to go to bed while I play Angry Birds and watch reruns of Big Bang Theory way past my bedtime…
I do not get personally offended (in the morning) when Big Fisch accidentally jabs me in the arm with his big, pointy elbow while innocently trying to sit next to me on the couch. But I do at night.
I am more of a sane woman in the morning. I think it may be safe to conclude that I am also more lovable in the morning.
All these reasons combined, I love to have my time with the Lord in the morning. It is always, always worth a little less sleep, or the same amount of sleep and being late to work..
I hear His words more clearly in the morning (probably because my voice is still waking up) and it refreshes my soul.
This morning was no different.
I turned my Bible open to Psalms 90 and read this:
“Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. Before the mountains were born, or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.” Psalm 90:1-2
Those words were from a prayer of Moses; a man whose story I have been studying for the past many months. A man who physically met with and saw God and loved Him deeply. He faithfully led a stiff-necked, stubborn group of people to the land God had promised them despite challenge after challenge, set back after set back. Yet Moses never lost faith, because he knew God. He saw all that God had made, heard all that God would do, and believed. He knew God was everlasting, and there Moses dwelled.
This verse led me to one of my favorite worship songs: “Everlasting God” by New Life Worship. As I listened to it, I meditated on these words:
“One thing I know that I have found
Through all the troubles that surround
You are the Rock that never fails, You never fail.”
I love that truth. Moses found God to be the only thing that never failed and he knew God was the Rock we can always count on. I have found the same thing to be true in my life.
God is my Rock. And He does not fail.