Oh to be a female.

I have many Christmas to-do’s running through my head. I begin doing one thing and then I stop and shout “oh yeah!” and run over to some paper and a pen and make a new list of reminders.
For some reason, many of these reminders come to me while I am driving and I try to make a mental note. Then I get to work or to home and I’ve completely forgotten them.
Plague of the female mind, perhaps? …I really need to starting using Siri more.
Speaking of the plague of the female mind…I think it’s safe to say that we women have plural plagues, not singular.
One of the most reoccurring struggles for me as a woman is comparison that leads to a) a lack of self-confidence or b) envy.
I consider this to be a female plague because even though I learn over and over how to be content with who I am and what God has given me, this battle continues to resurface time and time again.
For Big Fisch and many men that I know, this type of battle is just not the same. But for say, almost every woman I know, it is.
Oh Eve. I sure hope that apple was a juicy one.
Comparing myself to others is downward spiral. It’s the steep, covered with black ice, your breaks aren’t working, kind of spiral. It may start out innocent, but before I know it, I feel inadequate, not good enough, discouraged, and many times envious or bitter. Basically everything opposite of gratefulness and contentment.
And while that’s never my intent to go there, I almost always inevitably do.
But you know what is amazing? Any confidence or feelings of contentment that have been torn down or destroyed in a day or a week, are restored within ten minutes of spending time in God’s presence.
All it takes is for me to come before God, humbled and hungry for his truth, and He instantly fills my heart with unexplainable peace, joy, and an overwhelming since of who I am. When the God of the universe writes on my heart that I am His, no other negative thought can stand in His presence. Darkness flees.
Just a small fraction of God’s strength is enough to overcome every weakness within me. And I am reminded, He is God and I am not. He writes my story, I do not. And He is all that I need.
While we may be plagued, we don’t have to be overcome.
“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.” 1 Cor 1:25