Is it really almost January?
The only New Year resolution I have so far is to find a way to make time slow down.
Really though, it seems like only yesterday I was posting this list of resolutions for 2011.
I think the way that I made my list last year worked very well. For example, read lots of books.
Considering how busy most weeks were this past year, I think getting four or five books in qualified as “a lot.” Check.
The only one from my list I can’t argue as “completed” is take a hip-hop class. I must admit I did not do that. BUT I will say that I made a conscious decision not to take an adult hip-hop class. It was not just forgotten.
Why did I decide that? Well, after watching my little sister’s dance recital and seeing several of the adult classes perform, I decided that my dignity was more important than rekindling a love for hip-hop. Let’s just say the performances were less than stellar.
And besides. I introduced myself to a little something called Insanity (and yoga) and I think that produced more than enough sweat for 2011.
I do plan to put together a new list for 2012. Not in an attempt to impress myself or anyone else, but because I think it’s good to have goals to work towards.
Healthy living goals, spiritual and personal growth goals, financial goals, relationship goals, and “hobby” goals.
I’ve found it’s always a good idea for me to take a giant step back and examine the way that I am living, thinking, and prioritizing things in my life. It’s so easy to get off course and get extremely comfortable there.
So I think it’s time to align myself with goals for 2012 and get on track to start the new year off right…. next week.
I can’t rush December by too quickly, now can I?