Gettin’ Big

I lied to you yesterday.
Not intentionally though.
I told you thatI wouldn’t start my 2012 New Year Resolutions list for another week.
But after Big Fisch read my post about the concept of New Year resolutions, he got really excited and asked if we could make our 2012 list together that night.
And when he gets really excited he is really cute. I try to roll my eyes and crush his spirit but it just doesn’t always work.
So we made our lists last night and today I am already starting one of the goals on my list: attend 10 yoga classes.
Our gym doesn’t have group fitness classes, so Big Fisch found me a deal on Groupon for 10 sessions at a local yoga studio.
Cool right?
It should be.
Falling on my face in my own basement is one thing. Trying to turn my body into a human tree in public, is another.
But I do welcome the variation to my workout routine and the chance to be in a studio that’s not primarily filled with men.
A few weeks ago I was at our gym doing an upper body circuit near the pull up/dip bar. While I was on the floor doing pushups, I noticed this dude walk up with his eye on the pull up bar.
I looked up to acknowledge him (gym edict), and he says,
“You using this?” points to the pull up bar
“Yeah (panting out of breath), but you you can work in.”
He finishes up a few pull ups as I stand up for my second round of tricep dips. He paces around the bar slowly, catching his breath and looking from the mirror to the wall to me, from the mirror to the wall to me. I’m not taken off guard by this – it’s typical male gym behavior to scan the room constantly, keeping an eye on the workout of others.
I hop down from the bar after my set is finished and begin to grab my dumbbells when he says,
Silence…Ha ha..” I smile and nod out of confusion until I process that he actually said ‘You getting’ big.’ “Oh…uh, thanks.”
“You measurin?”
“Um…” Measuring? Measuring what, flour? My bust? I stare at him and then realize he’s referring to my arms. “Uh no, not measuring.”
“Ah. You’ve improved since I saw you last.”
“Oh, well thanks.” I look down at my dumbbell weights and then suddenly annoyed, I felt the urge to explain more. “Actually I…”
But he had already strutted off.
What I wanted to say is “I’m not trying to ‘get big’ dude! I actually haven’t been here as much lately because I was trying to lay off the heavy weights! I’ve spent the last three months focusing on high intensity cardio and all you’ve noticed is that my arms are BIGGER!? What girl wants to hear that they’re getting bigger? Tell me I look smaller! I am not trying to be a body builder! AND I refuse to measure!!”
But I kept my mouth shut.
I knew he meant it as a compliment. A neutral, matter of fact compliment.
I guess I should have been flattered. After all, most of the people in our gym are there to “get big.”
So I think another switch up will be good for me. I’ll give this yoga studio a try and who knows? Maybe this time I’ll hear “you look tight.” Or even, “you’re so flexible!”
Yeah no. That last one’s just wishful thinking.