Tuesday Tidbits


1. Today was one of those mornings when Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer in my coffee was exactly what I needed to get my morning started off right. (Well, that and some time with the Lord). Spending about $3 on a container of this flavored goodness is well worth it my friends. That’s like a 10:1 ratio with what you can get at Starbucks!

2. Tonight’s dinner menu: marinated pork tenderloin from Costco (so easy and SO good), homemade mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Need an idea for your dinner? Steal mine!

3. As good as the Insanity videos have been for me, I’m starting to get a little tired of rotating through the same ones. Any other suggestions of challenging cardio workout videos? I’ve heard that Turbo Fire is good… any other ones you would recommend?

4. For those of you who saw an earlier comment I made regarding riding boots and their usual small circumference (annoying), you may have concluded that I am having a hard time finding boots that FIT my calves. If so, you would be correct. BUT, I may have finally found my pot of gold! I ordered some from Macy’s that have the right specs… now it’s a waiting game until they arrive and I put them to the test: the zip up test. I’ll keep ya posted. If you have larger than average calves and need some options, I’ve been doing a ton of research and can pass along what I’ve found – just comment and leave your email.

5. Whoever left a question comment on my post from last week highlighting different blogs, I haven’t ignored you, I promise. I’ve just been unable to leave a comment in return because for whatever reason it’s not working right. LAME. But to answer your question, the link to the photography page is listed under the picture of the girl jumping. Just click on “The Pioneer Woman.”

6. Advice: 1) sometimes it’s worth taking a pair of pants, a nice dress, or a favorite shirt that is just a bit too long or too low, to the tailor to have fitted to your body. I often forget that clothes found in stores are designed for a certain height with certain measurements that usually do not match my body perfectly. I have taken several articles of clothing to the tailor in the last year and I am so glad I did. It usually only costs me a few bucks, but looks SO much better and lasts me longer.

2) When I look over my wardrobe, I realize that the pants, shirts, and shoes that I paid more for to get a better quality, are the clothes and shoes that I have had for many, many years. I have several dress pants and heels/boots that were purchased in high school that I still wear regularly. I know it’s not always doable to pay for the higher price tags, but when it is, I say it’s worth it. (Which is why I love shopping at outlets).

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy watching Parenthood, for those of you who do.