Thankful List 2011


I am proud to announce that my blog is almost 1 year old! What a great reason to eat cake.

And since its almost 1 year old, I’ll be proud to announce that again in a few more days.

Its crazy to see a whole year documented, and even crazier to think how fast it went by.

I’ve loved blogging and only wish that I’d had/made more time to blog more consistently throughout the year. But working FT and having a life outside of my computer does not always allow that. BUT I will say that this blog will soon be ch-ch-changing for the better.

For now though, that’s all I’m saying about that.

Last year I wrote my “Thankful List” after Thanksgiving, shortly after I started the blog. This year, I thought I’d be ahead of (my) game, and make my list before Thanksgiving Day. That way I can reflect on it alllllll week long.

Which is the goal right?


My Thankful List: 2011

I am thankful for…

Coffee that wakes me up on mornings like these when I have overslept by 45 minutes. Oops?

A healthy, precious, and beautiful little niece that God has blessed not only my sister and her husband with, but our entire family as well.

My family. My family my family my family.

A supportive, uplifting, and loving husband. We are best friends and still googly-eyed for each other.

Our church and community which = wonderful friends

Spicy peppers which inspire.

Sweet chocolate which heals.

A gym membership. But not really.

A place to call home.

My Heavenly Father who I am eternally grateful for. He will grace my Thankful List every year because He never leaves nor forsakes me. He is constant; unchanging; never failing. While everything else in my life may perish, He will never. He is my portion – and my prayer is that my heart will always recognize that He is all I need and more than enough.

What are you thankful for, sweet friends?