Snapshots of Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.
How was yours?
Tasty? Relaxing?
Tiring perhaps? Maybe a bit stressful?
However it went, I hope you were able to enjoy many moments of it despite the imperfections.
Cause let’s face it; family together is never a perfect time.
But it can be a memorable time filled with funny happenings, an overload of good food, and an appreciation for one another.
As my pastor put it, Thanksgiving should be a time when we can come together with loved ones and put the issues aside and just enjoy being together. And just be thankful.
I’m thankful for this crazy bunch.
I was especially thankful that my family could join Big Fisch’s family this year and make the whole “dividing the time” thing easier. Because it ain’t always easy.

The weather was beautiful.
The food turned out great.

And we all still love each other.
I wish I had pictures of our parents, but our camera died shortly after we came inside. Maybe because Big Fisch filmed his entire process of standing in line for the food and filling up his plate bit by bit, serving by serving…

But even without pictures to show the beautiful ladies off, I give a big thanks to our mothers for all their hard work.

And our menu? Here’s what we finally decided:
Turkey and “original” gravy
Honey glazed ham
Green bean casserole
Kentucky corn casserole
Sweet potato casserole
Mashed potatoes
Roasted veggies
Good old rolls
Apple pie
Nutella cookies
Almond bark
Did I get it all Kell?
A little old and a little new. Everything turned out great and I’d recommend each recipe.
Now if only I could snap my fingers and have my entire house decorated for Christmas…