If At First You Don’t Succeed..


Okay, someone should have warned me about the TurboFire workout videos.

I have never seen skinny legs move as fast as Chalene Johnson’s. Wow.
I felt like I was watching a chicken on speed at a night club.
I’m really not trying to hate on her, or TurboFire. It’s impressive, in a strange way.
Maybe the fact that I didn’t begin with the first video in the series had something to do with it. I just picked one that was 45 minutes long and thought it’d be simple enough to jump in to.
But that choreography? What in the world is she doing?!
I stuck with it for 20 minutes, determined to catch on. The last time I can remember trying to follow along with fast choreography and failing that badly was in high school when I tried out for the dance team.
Apparently having skills to shake your butt rhythmically to the latest hip hop song does not necessarily transfer over to pirouettes, axels, and graceful leaps.
After 20 minutes I found myself standing in place with my jaw dropped, starring at the screen in confusion. When I realized I wasn’t sweating much I switched to Insanity and decided I would try again next week.
Oh well. Here’s to trying something new!
Have a great weekend and do something out of the ordinary.