One of my favorite things to do, as of lately, is to roll up in a ball with my warm blanket and cuddle on the couch with either a good show or a good book.

This may sound quite common to you, and it is. But it hasn’t always been for me.

It’s my favorite way right now to relax. And I mean, really relax. Not in the yoga or baking kind of relaxing way, but in the “I’m so tired I could drop dead” kind of way.

I have come to cherish it and need it after serval long and busy days. (Hello, introverted self).

At first Big Fisch would laugh at me, in that loving kind of way, not understanding why I liked, no demanded, to lounge in the evening with my last few hours of the day if I could. I mean, come on… who can be productive with every stinking hour of their day? Oh right, Big Fisch can…

But I have converted him and it now makes perfect sense to him… and he has come to cherish it too.

Maybe it’s because the cold weather has settled in and it makes me want to literally hibernate. Literally. If it weren’t for the fact that I would miss the holidays and well, life in general, I would go to sleep now and wake up late March.

Or maybe it’s because as we grow and learn, life tends to get more exhausting. If not physically, its mentally or emotionally. We have more responsibility and more weight that sits on our shoulders, and because of that, we find ourselves needing to pause and relax; to just breathe and think about…nothing.

Even batteries need to be recharged. And if they’re not, they are no good, and out they go.

How do you recharge and relax? What is your current way of letting the weight of the day slide off your shoulders? Do you write? Do you sip some wine and play the guitar? (Not at the same time of course…and in no way am I encouraging alcohol as a means to relax. Stop trying to read between the lines! Just read the lines).

We can’t do it all, all the the time. And I’m a big fan of not trying to :).

Seek Jesus, work hard, aim for a balance, and relax. —- I think I might trademark that as my motto.