A Double Take


I thought I hit “snooze” this morning when my alarm went off, but in reality I hit “dismiss”.

That could have been disastrous seeing how I still can sleep straight until at least 10am, and Matt wasn’t there to wake me.

But I woke up suddenly at 6:40am, as if God had whispered in my ear “wake up… you’re going to be late!” I had to rush to get out the door on time, but I think He knew I needed the sleep. Thanks God; it was a small blessing.

As I drove to work in the pouring rain, the car in front of me came to a screeching halt causing me to slam on my breaks. I was seconds away from being in a 3 car pile-up, but the car behind me swerved over into the shoulder, and a nasty fender-bender was prevented.

Thank you Lord; what a huge blessing.

This week I’ve had a lot of things on my “to do” list, but a lot of those things weren’t possible to get done. After all, there’s only 24 hours in a day. My initial reaction to unfinished tasks is usually frustration and I find myself wishing for less to do.

But then I remember all the local friendships, commitments, and community the Lord has brought into my life since last year when I had none and prayed God would “fill my cup”.

He has answered me in abundance and kept away loneliness and idleness.

Thank you Lord; what an enormous blessing.

Some things are not as bad, or as inconvenient, as we think if we look twice.

Blessings. Life is full of ‘em.

Today I was reminded to take note, and be thankful.